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T H E    T R I O

  23 July, 2020



A couple of weeks ago, Sophie Darwin (Sophie Darwin Photography), Stephanie Bathgate (White Sage Photography) and I arranged a little get together, because let’s face it, not only are they phenomenally talented ladies, but they are also friends. We thought it would be fun to bring our camera’s/bottle of wine and let go of our insecurities by photographing each other under a moody sky. 


The whole experience taught me so much. I’ve never been photographed professionally like that before, let alone by two photographers. It shifted the perspective and showed me what it feels like for my lovely clients to be in front of the camera. It made me realise that there are so many elements of direction that are important in order to capture someone’s uniqueness. Steph was an absolute pro at guiding me through some flattering poses and making me feel really beautiful, while Sophie used the most gorgeous words to describe how she was seeing me (which was massively flattering), but more importantly really helped me to flow through movements that made me feel empowered, strong and feminine.

To have the opportunity to learn from each other and share our passion for capturing imagery is such a blessing. The power of collaboration over competition is a wonderful thing. 


Here are some of my favourite shots that I took of the girls.

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