I am an island girl, born and raised in Jersey, Channel Islands, the most beautiful place ever! I spent most of my early twenties dreaming of setting up my own business. Growing up surrounded by music and the arts, I quickly realised I had lots to express, but hadn’t quite found my outlet. 


Obsessed with the ways of old – I’ve always felt really drawn to anything that tells a story. As kids, my brother and I used to flick through tattered albums that introduced us to family members that we hadn’t met, or that were no longer with us. Seeing photos of our parents as youngsters before we were around and envisioning the type of people they were back then always had such a profound effect on me (still does). I wanted to be able to offer the gift that imagery has given to me and pass it on to others. So I picked up a camera and started to learn my craft. Photography is so much more than just snapping the shutter. It’s about understanding your client, being relatable and approachable. Creating a safe space to express yourself is massively important to me, because within them my clients allow me to capture who they really are.

 I think those are all the reasons why I love doing this so much.


It wasn’t until I started working as a wedding coordinator for Jersey Heritage that everything just seemed to come together. I’ve worked with the amazing team at JH for the past 5 years and have loved every second of it. The nerves, the excitement, the pressure of making sure everything is absolutely perfect for our couples. It all gives me a real buzz! Working with couples throughout the various stages of their wedding planning and being a presence on the day has gifted me with a wealth of experience within the world of weddings. 


When I’m not working you’ll find me swimming in the sea, potentially crocheting a blanket (nanna would be proud), or hanging out with my nearest and dearest!


If you’ve made it this far on my website then I hope it’s because you like what I do and feel connected to who I am. 

Our lives are collections of experiences, bonds and a whole load of love. Being able to capture beautiful moments of yours is a total honour.  

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